Meal plans are automatically assigned to on-campus students based on where they'll be living. The Star Plan is assigned to Ornelas Hall residents and the Blue Plan to students living in university apartments, which include Victory Village, Liberty Landing, University Pines, and Patriot Village.

If a student prefers a different available meal plan, the student can email prior to the 10th day of class to request the change.

The cost of a meal plan is added to a student’s account, and students can access their current bills via myUTTyler. Parents can make an online payment on their student’s bill by the student adding the parent as an authorized user. Questions regarding bills or payment can be answered by the UT Tyler Cashiers Office at (903) 566-7180 or
To view your remaining dining dollars, you can download your P2 card on  your phone and view the amount at any time. After downloading the app, you'll also be able to use your phone to swipe into the cafeteria or to spend dining dollars at our retail locations.

We cater to students with a variety of different dietary needs, including the following:

  • Nut Allergy
  • Dairy-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

You can find nutrition information available on signage in the Met or through Sodexo's Bite app.

If you don't see an option available that fits your dietary needs, please talk to one of the cafeteria staff and make a special request. For example, if you tell one of the cafeteria staff at the pizza station that you're gluten-free, they'll prepare a gluten-free personal pizza just for you within 20-30 minutes. You can also do the same at the grill if you ask for gluten-free burger patties.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our general manager, Jamie Dowdy, by phone at (903) 565-5819 or by email at In addition, you can also contact our Regional Campus Dietician, Kelsey Rosenbaum.

If you have a unique dietary need that's not being met, please also consider joining our Culinary Council. The Culinary Council is a student group that meets regularly with the chefs and managers to give them feedback on the quality of the food. If you're interested in finding out more, please reach out to Charlotte Chalder, our Health and Wellness cooridnator, for details.

Dining Dollars can be spent at any on-campus retail location, including Einstein Bros., Subway, Tres Habanero, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and the Swoop N' Go. At the Swoop N' Go, students can purchase food, such as drinks, ice cream, chips, and frozen meals, as well as household goods, such as chargers, office supplies, and cleaning products.

Dining dollars can also be spent on a meal swipe to access the Met. However, meal swipes are more cost-effective than dining dollars, so be sure to buy a meal plan that is heavier on meal swipes if you know you'll be using the cafeteria often.

To view your remaining dining dollars, you can download your P2 card on  your phone and view the amount at any time. After downloading the app, you'll also be able to use your phone to swipe into the cafeteria or to spend dining dollars at our retail locations.

Dining dollars do not roll over to the next semester, so be sure to use all of yours before the end of the semester.

Students who live in on-campus housing are required to purchase a meal plan. Off-campus students have the option of purchasing either an on-campus meal plan or a commuter plan. However, off-campus students are not required to purchase a meal plan. Plans are available for fall and spring semesters.

For those staying on campus, you're required to purchase a meal plan. If you live at Victory Village, University Pines, Liberty Landing, or Patriot Village, you can choose any meal plan, except the Commuter Plan.

If you live in Ornelas Hall, you must choose the Star Plan or something equivalent to that plan (i.e. the Pride Plan or the Patriot Premium Plan). This is because Ornelas Hall residents do not have access to their own kitchen, so they'll need a bigger plan to accommodate that.

Meal plans come with two main features: meal swipes and dining dollars.  You can access your meal swipes and dining dollars through your student ID or phone. To use your phone for meal swipes and dining dollars, click here.

Meal swipes allow you to swipe into the cafeteria for an entire meal period (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). During that time, you can eat as much as you want from any of our food stations. Every time you use a meal swipe, it's deducted from the number of meals you have available for that week or semester, depending on what type of meal plan you have. If you have a certain number of meal swipes per week, your meal swipes will reset at the end of each week. They do not roll over to the next week or semester, so make sure to use as many swipes as you can.

Yes! You're welcome to purchase the commuter plan--but if you want the added convenience of another meal plan, you're welcome to purchase any that you'd like.
All of the plan prices are per semester.
Absolutely. You can purchase the bottomless cup separately for $53.99 per semester. You can use this 24oz tumbler for free refills of any type of beverage, including drinks from our self-serve soda machines or coffee and tea from the cafeteria.
Sodexo is currently taking applications. If you're interested, apply here.